Perancangan dan Pengukuran Kinerja Perusahaan Kecil dan Menengah dengan
Metode Smart System

Iwan Vanany dan Agus Sugianto

This paper describes a result of research on how to design and mesure performance measurement system in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). This is an application research in one of Cigarette companies (PT BT). While performance measurement system at PT BT is not comprehensive and integrative, therefore, PT BT should  redesign performance measurement system with new model (SMART System). The result of design described performance measurement system in PT BT are obtained 29 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) starting at 21 objectives and 9 perspective. Structuring of KPI base of perspective. Weighted with AHP, management prioritized quality perspective amount 25,9% and customer perspective amount 19,7%. Adviced before implemantation phase, this design needed try out measurement. Result of measurement can be based management act evaluation and choice planning improvement organization and performance company must be increase.   

Performance measurement, SMART (Strategic Management Analysis and Reporting Technique), KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

Penerapan Good Corporate Governance Sebagai Landasan Kinerja Perbankan Nasional
R. Ervin A. Priambodo dan Eko Supriyatno

Corporate Governance looks at the institutional and policy framework for corporations – from their very beginnings, through their governance structures, company law, privatization, to market exit and insolvency. The integrity of corporations, such as in the amongst national bank institutions, is particularly central to the health of our economies and their stability. Good Corporate Governance is one key element in improving economic efficiency and growth as well as enhancing investor confidence and also provides management to pursue objectives that are in the interest of the company and its shareholders and should facilitate effective monitoring. The presence of an effective corporate governance system, within in national bank company and across an economy as a whole, helps to provide a degree of confidence that is necessary for the proper functioning of a market economy. As a result, the cost of capital is lower and firms are encouraged to use resources more efficiently, thereby underpinning growth. A critical ingredient for the success of this work is the sustained policy dialogue amongst decision-makers from public and private sectors institutions as well as representatives of civil society in member and non-member economies.   

Transparency values, accountability, responsibility, dan fairness (TARIF)
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Perancangan dan Pengukuran Kinerja Perusahaan Kecil dan Menengah dengan Metode Smart System
Iwan Vanany dan Agus Sugianto 3

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Penerapan Good Corporate Governance sebagai Landasan Kinerja Perbankan Nasional
R. Ervin A, Priambodo dan Eko Supriyatno.  22

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